Hair Loss FAQs

Thinning of hair happens for many reasons. Individuals who are experiencing hair thinning may have a history of hair loss in their family. Accepting hair loss as your new normal doesn’t have to be an option. My Choice Hair can help manage your thinning hair with non-surgical hair replacement alternatives.

A non-surgical alternative to hair replacement is a better option for individuals suffering from hair loss for many reasons. Treatment includes semi-permanent options that feel and look like natural hair. Management of the hair is easier than permanent options and the cost is much more affordable.

Unlike an off the shelf wig or toupee, a full cranial prosthesis is custom made using the individuals' measurements, giving it a more natural feel and fit. A full cranial prosthesis is a great alternative to surgical hair replacement due to the flexibility and easy management.

Male and female pattern baldness is very common, affecting more than 3 million people each year. While males often see signs of baldness occurring on their crowns or the frontal area of the scalp, women see it more widespread, either in their hair part or the crown of their head. There are many options available to individuals dealing with pattern baldness that don’t require surgery or medication.

My Choice Hair works with their customers to determine the right treatment for their individual needs. For customers who are interested in options that will encourage regrowth of hair, we will help determine the right treatment for your needs and type of hair loss. We aim to create a personalized plan for each of our customers based on the cause of their hair loss, amount of healthy hair that remains, and lifestyle.

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