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Hair loss is a personal, unique experience that can happen to anyone of any age or cultural background. In fact, hair loss is fairly common and while it is often assumed to be the result of aging or illness, it can be the result of stressful life situations or environmental changes.

At My Choice Hair, we understand and respect that the experiences of one individual will likely differ from another which is why we do not take a one size fits all approach to treatment.

How My Choice Hair’s hair loss solutions are different:

We offer unique hair loss solutions based on your individual needs and preferences.

We provide personalized care from a team of experts.

We aim to provide education, support, and a welcoming atmosphere during the procedure and beyond.

Our team of hair loss experts has experience in handling unique situations that may have led to an individual's hair loss such as chemotherapy or alopecia areata. Treatments vary based on individual need and our team will work to find the right hair loss solution for you.

Hair loss can be a challenging time in your life but with a good team behind you, overcoming it is possible. Our stylists and hair loss experts will work with you to identify the right replacement system for your personal look and lifestyle.

Full and healthy hair can do more than transform our looks, it can completely alter the way we feel about ourselves and how we carry ourselves in the world.

Who We Are - My Choice Hair

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Okyo Sthair - My Choice Hair CEO & President


Okyo Sthair - My Choice Hair CEO & President

The last few years I have noticed that in today’s market; people can buy everything online. The one thing that cannot be purchased is training.

Starting out servicing Hair Replacement clientele, it is imperative to GET proper training from certified professional technicians for service, cutting & styling, and proper attachment methods. I can’t tell you how many horror stories I have heard over the years due to neglect and improper applications.

This was my main reason I decided to come up with the idea for an add-on Franchise concept. As a professional you already know how to do everything you need to service the client in your chair, and through our Franchising Concept with My Choice Hair; you will be joining our network Franchise.

We will be taking the leadership on marketing and research and development to serve you with the best technology and the best service for your clients.

I understand how hard it is to survive on your own in this field, 15 years ago there used to be over 7,000 Hair Replacement locations and now it’s under 2,000.

I am taking this a different route and want you to join me so we can get through this tough time and change the future.

- Okyo Sthair

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