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My Choice Hair Success Stories

Success stories


“This was my first time coming into this hair replacement boot camp class it opened up my eyes there’s was so many clients looking for this kind of service specially at the new black Afro hair man it’s been Neglect so now I’ll be able to go back home and service this customer I am very, very excited thank you.”

My Choice Hair Success Stories

Success stories


“My weekend boot camp, with you and your beloved staff members. I'm grateful for the opportunity to get to see your brand up close and personal. It exceeded my expectations. You gave excellent advice on getting started. My goal for November 2017, is to daily, work the plan for success in this wonderful field of Hair Replacement, focus on my niche market and exceptional customer service, one customer at a time.”

My Choice Hair Success Stories

Success stories


“I know it's only been a week i love my hair i look like me again i was invited to a concert Friday night and i went yaay still have to take it slow but ir felt good to be out! Thank you for your Awesome kindness blessings to you! I thank you so very much for everything you have done. Again I Thank you for listening to me and giving me a part of me back. All smiles”

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"I Really enjoyed this event. This was my first time. I learned a lot of important and useful information. Thank you!"
- Catherine

"All of Information provided was a bit overwhelming at first but the more we got into it and explained the more I got the hang of it. I am extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to learn these techniques to implement in my salon."
- Patrick

"It was a pleasure for us been there and meeting with your staff and with you. Everything fulfilled our expectation, we are awaiting to know for further classes"
- Cynthia

"The Boot Camp was great. Even though I know a lot, I also know that I don't know every-thing and I will never, ever stop learning. The Marketing and Promoting Segment needs visual aids to captivate and keep the attention of the stylists. I would love to see more of Customizing Textures and Colors."
- Shazz

"I have been doing business for a long time but I know service businesses is only way to survive this business so I came here and I learned a lot it was overwhelming educational and I will continue to come back thank you"
- Vicky

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- John Doe
Cape Coral, FL

"I started to notice a difference in my hair line at the age of 19. My hair was increasingly getting thinner, coarse, and began falling out over the course of about five years. Poor nutrition and a few years of anti-anxiety medication were the causes of my hair loss, at least that’s what the doctors tried to conclude. I spent years having the majority of my diet as sugar and various forms of carbohydrates. Weighing in at over 300lbs, I wasn’t giving my body the nutrients it needed to thrive. My body and my hair follicles paid for it! Having had panic attacks, the doctors also prescribed me medication for anxiety which is also another cause of my hair loss. At just 25 years old I hardly recognized myself. From the ages of 19-25 I had gained almost 100lbs and had been wearing dark brown hair powder to try and cover my bald scalp. Coming from an Italian background my hair was everything to me! It was long, dark, and curly which was something I was well-known for while growing up. Women would stop me on the street just to tell me how beautiful my hair was. At the age of 25 I decided to undergo my first hair transplant surgery. Doctors were convinced that the years of poor nutrition and medication killed off the hair follicles and they assured me that my hair would never grow in again. After the first procedure I saw a slight increase in thickness but it definitely wasn’t enough, and I went through a second transplant. After a year of waiting and still using the hair powder I had to face the facts that I would have to use some other system to get my hair back. During that time, I changed my lifestyle and lost 100lbs hoping that this new health would bring back my hair. At that point I was wearing hair extensions for length and continued using the black powder on my scalp. It wasn’t the most effective system. I was afraid of rain, the black powder would rub off on my pillow, I would have to set my hair in rollers every day just to have it match the hair extensions, and I was petrified of them falling out or someone touching the clips and realizing it wasn’t my hair. Never mind dating! I was too insecure for that. A friend of mine then told me that there might be another solution for me. I did a thorough search on what was available for me and then I made my appointment at My Choice Hair, Pompano Beach. I literally left there feeling like a huge weight had been lifted and there was actually hope for me. Within no time, I did what I needed to do to get the non-surgical hair enhancement system which looked exactly like my real hair used to look. I feel like my youth and my life have been restored. I live my life with no hesitation or cares about hiding my scalp or having insecurities about my hair. And I don’t miss those days at all! I’m so grateful for my experience with My Choice Hair, Pompano Beach. Now at 31, I’m married, I’ve lost 150lbs, I love my hair, and most of all I’ve come to accept the reality of my hair loss journey. It’s given me confidence and security to not hide anymore. Now when people stop me on the street and compliment me on my hair, it’s like I never lost a strand. "
- Elaina
Pompano Beach, FL

"I met Tina a few years ago when i went through an unpleasant experience with outdated bond extensions at another salon. After a thorough scalp and hair thinning consult, we agreed on tape in extensions in addition to a scalp treatment for hair regrowth. I have been so happy going to Tina. I feel more confident with my new hair and i feel pretty. Amazing how the right hair can make a person feel so beautiful. I also appreciate her flexible hours for busy professionals. I have never experienced this quality anywhere else. I would recommend Tina to anyone."
- Karen C.
Tampa, FL

"I have been going to Tina to have my hair done for almost 15 years. She has seen me through every phase of life ( fixing my thinning hair , coming to style me & my family for my wedding, always making sure I am on trend when looking for a new look and so much more. ) I have been wearing extensions on and off for years and Tina has helped my hair to stay healthy & beautiful ! I get compliments on a regular basis. I can't imagine letting anyone else touch my hair :) "
- Michelle R.
Tampa, FL

"Tina is THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS. Not only is she incredibly gifted, she's an absolutely wonderful person. For several years after I moved to Tampa, I bounced around between several salons--Aveda, Paul Mitchell, Redken, you name it. Then, I found Tina. For over eight years, I've trusted her to keep my hair happy, healthy, and looking fabulous--and never once has she let me down! She doesn't get you in her chair and take "creative liberties" with your hair, like many stylists do. Instead, she listens, she educates, and she delivers amazing results. Results that always exceed your expectations. Results so great that strangers approach you, just to tell you how gorgeous your hair is. If you're thinking of trying extensions for the first time, don't waste another minute looking for another stylist--go see Tina. If you feel like your hair is fried, brittle, frizzy, tangly, or dull--go see Tina. Whether you need length, volume, color, a cut, or maybe just a good laugh over a glass of wine--Tina is your girl. She's not a gamble--she is a sure bet. You can thank me later!"
- Stacy
Tampa, FL

"My name is Julie S, and I have been suffering from hair loss since I was 15 years old. Throughout the years, I have tried numerous treatments, from Rogaine to the “magic powder- Great Hair Day.” Nothing really worked… Rogaine would make my hair wet and messy in the morning and the powder left my fingers dark and it actually made my hair fall even more. Once I started working in the “corporate world” and started meeting with potential clients, the last thing I wanted was to feel uncomfortable and to have people focusing on my bare scalp instead of my presentation… I went for a consultation at My Choice Hair, Pompano Beach not really knowing what to expect… turns out I had finally found my hair solution! I could not be happier. My hair is full and beautiful. The process is pain free, and the final result is a big smile on my face! Every time! I feel so confident and thankful that now I can focus on my life and not my hair loss anymore. "
- Julie S
Pompano Beach, FL

" Hello. My name is Jessica R. I am a 27 year old, active woman and I have been blessed with hair loss. You may wonder why I refer to my hair loss as a blessed thing and in this, I will explain to you the multiple reasons why hair loss has made my life as incredible as it is. I started losing my hair at the age of 13. I was in junior high and I was about to start High School. I would say, as a young girl this was not the ideal time for me to lose hair as I was already worried about body image, not wanting to stand out and going into this new stage of my life. Needless to say, kids can be incredibly mean. The reason for my hair loss is still a slight mystery and some of my doctors thought it was due to my Auto Immune Disease called Autoimmune polyendocrinopathy candidiasis ectodermal dystrophy (APECED). Others thought it was just straight Alopecia. No one could agree, but all I knew is that I was already labeled as a “sick kid” and now I’m bald on top of it. During this time, I had tried everything to help my hair look fuller and cover up my bald spots. I had tried Rogaine, hair extensions, and different hair pieces. The Rogaine didn’t help me. The hair extension didn’t cover anything and with my hair being so thin, you could see each extension, which was even more embarrassing! Finally, when I could not take it anymore, I tried different wigs, hair pieces, etc. but even with this, I didn’t feel comfortable. I was always worried that the wig would fall off or someone would tell me I’m wearing one. Anything and everything that could go wrong with the wig would run around my mind over and over all day making me always be in a state of fear and in a constant defensive mode. I was extremely held back by this. I was slowly spiraling into a deep depression that I couldn’t express to anyone because I was too embarrassed and I felt that no one would understand. It was hard trying to be a normal teenaged girl in high school. I was always nervous about my hair. My biggest fear was not being able to do things I wanted to, like go swimming, go to the beach, or just be active with my friends and family. It was really awkward trying to get close to anyone, including boyfriends, so most of the time I was very distant. It was a very hard change because as a child I was nicknamed “the mermaid” from my family because I loved to swim under the water, diving as deep as I could. This was my “Zen zone.” I felt so free. So you can understand that when this was not an option for me, I was completely devastated. My hair loss affected the way I was around family, friends and just people in general. I felt that I couldn’t get close to anyone without the fear they would accidentally touch my hair. For the most part, I felt extremely alone. I remember going from specialist to specialist with my parents looking for “a cure.” I endured biopsies, multiple injections to my scalp, etc. and nothing worked. Finally I just lost all hope that my hair would ever grow back and that I was going to have to wear hair pieces for the rest of my life. Through the years I found many different salons that specialized in hair loss and hair pieces, going from hair pieces with clips and then to those who had clips with tape. As my hair became thinner and thinner, my journey to find a hair piece that would cover what I needed and make me feel secure became my ultimate goal. I would go through the modeling process multiple times as I shopped around and received more and more different pieces, styles etc. I would explore all my opinions but I still never really felt free, still having that fear always hovering over my shoulders. It was always a burden: The thought that I would have to endure this for the rest of my life. I finally started to accept that this was my life and I couldn’t change it. One day, something just changed in me. I made the decision then that this was not going to run my life. I was going to do what I wanted to do despite my hair issues. I started to become more and more confident. I started to be able to tell some of my close friends that I was wearing hair pieces and this helped explain to them the reason why I didn’t want to go swimming, go on rollercoasters or have anyone do my hair, etc. I also have to say that I could not have made it to this point without my biggest supporters who helped me through all the tears and emotions that I went through with this; my mom and dad. I love them to death. They went above and beyond what any parent should have to deal with and I am where I am today because of their love and support. After coming out to some close friends and family, I felt it was time to come clean to someone who was so dear to my heart. This one moment, this one sentence would be the biggest life changing moment I would ever face. This is when I told my live in boyfriend of 5 years at the time (we have been together for a total of 9 years now) that I wore a hair piece. This was such a big step for me because for whatever reason I made up in my mind, I always thought that no one would want to be with someone like me. My self esteem was extremely low and all I had known was fear. After I told him, he was extremely surprised. Not that I had no hair but it was that I could hide it from him for so long when we have been so close. You could say I had mastered the art of hiding my secret to the world and that it was just as easy for me to hide it from him. I would not ever let him touch my hair. I would always make up some excuse on why I didn’t like him to touch my hair or my head and he respected this without question. He would say “everyone has something” and he couldn’t be more spot on about that. The day came that I had built up enough courage because I was just so sick of lying, it still felt like my hair or lack thereof still had the upper hand in my life. I was sitting in the chair in our apartment crying. I was just so depressed about my whole situation and I was trying to figure out the right words to tell him. I didn’t know he had returned home at the time and being the caring man that he is, he came right over to me and asked me what was wrong. I slowly grabbed his hand and started to pull it up towards my head. He slightly tugged back but let me guide his hand up anyway. I placed it on my hair and said “This isn’t mine. Do you still love me?” and I started to sob. He was taken back. He wasn’t sure what I was asking him as he touched my hair some more and rubbed my head then realized that I was wearing a hair piece. He took his hand off my head and grabbed me, held me tightly and said “Of course I still love you. It’s just hair and I didn’t fall in love with your hair, I fell in love with you!” He wouldn’t know how much those few words would change me. Relieved and thinking about what he said, it came to me. Why did I fear this so much? Why did my hair mean so much to me? It didn’t identify me but it did make me feel like everyone else. You could say it made me feel beautiful. When I thought of how I just wanted to be like everyone else with my hair, I knew the whole ordeal was foolish. My whole life, I wanted to be different and wanted to do something with my life, not knowing I had the tools for this the whole time. I just never realized it. I now became very open with my hair and confident with my hair. I was the only girl that could come to work with short hair one day and long hair then next. I could be a red-head whenever I wanted or I could change to dark brown with highlights. I now thought of my hair more as a blessing than a burden. As a medical assistant I saw patients who suffered from hair loss and I could never get myself to tell them I suffered too. Being in healthcare, I was being completely selfish. I took this job to care for people and help them. Holding back information that could help others was wrong! So every time I would meet a patient who was suffering like I did, I now could open up with them and share my story. I would let them feel my hair and answer any questions if they wanted. I now felt like my hair loss had a meaning and the more I helped out others with this issue, the better I felt. Within this time I had met Rhonda, who was another blessing! She was the one who showed me a new and extremely comfortable hair piece. One that I could wear for a month straight and I didn’t have to worry about taking it on or off at night it was such a freeing feeling! This was what I had been looking for all these years. I now do not have to wear my hair wrap at night. I was more confident because I could take a shower with it on. The biggest thing was I could now go swimming! This one piece freed me up in more ways than I can explain! So, I was naturally very grateful to Rhonda and her wonderful team from My Choice Hair, Pompano Beach for introducing me to this. I have now gone swimming, gone to the beach without a care, gone on my first rollercoaster; I can exercise and go hiking without fear that the tape will become loose because of the sweat. I have been able to do the Wharf to Wharf Marathon, planning on doing the Dirty Girl Run and many more activities to come. Even my boyfriend of 9 years has noticed a huge change in my confidence and always comments on how much brighter my smile is. He said that I’m closer with friends and family. I now have no fear of being hugged by everyone. I have been so happy with this change that I want to share my happiness with the world! So when Rhonda asked me if I could be her model and have her show my before and after picture to others, I couldn’t have been more thrilled! I am now more open, confident and want to help others with the same issue as me. With Rhonda and the wonderful My Choice Hair, Pompano Beach team I am now able to spread the word and answer any questions others may have to make their hair loss journey a bit less bumpy than mine was. This is just an outline of the journey that I have over come to get to this fantastic point I’m at and I couldn’t have gotten here without my boyfriend, my Mom and Dad, my Best Friend and of course Rhonda and her team. I have so many people to thank and I want to be here to help others. Everything has a meaning, you just have to find out what it is. I will always think of my hair loss not as a loss but as a blessing. The fact that I’m here writing this to you, hoping to make a positive difference says enough. We all are beautiful no matter what we go through. All we need is a good support team and positive mind set and we can do wonderful things. "
- Jessica R.
Pompano Beach, FL

" My hair loss started when I was about 20 years old and in college. Up until that point, I had extremely thick, wavy hair that was easy to style. The thinning was on the top of my head and not extreme at first, but I noticed it. In my 30’s, I realized that any stressful situation triggered more hair loss, and when the stress was over, I would get some of the hair back, but not all. By my early 40’s, my hair was noticeably thin. About this time, my dad mentioned that he remembered his dad’s sisters being virtually bald. My older sister had extreme hair loss and started wearing a wig in her 30’s. I finally did some research, and found that my family has male-patterned baldness in the female line. For me, being female and having noticeably thin hair generated many negative emotions. After much stress and indecision, I started wearing wigs, and I felt much better about myself. I bought really nice wigs, so I don’t actually think very many people guessed it was a wig. However, I was always fearful that people would guess it. Wigs actually work great and are very convenient if you are mostly indoors. However, they are not ideal during physical activity or when you are tall and walking under trees with low branches! When we were planning our 25th wedding anniversary to the Mediterranean I really did not want to deal with a wig, but my hair loss was so extreme by then that I would not go out in public without my wig. I had read about My Choice Hair, Pompano Beach on the internet, and decided to give them a try. I went in, thinking I would just see what it was about. However, once I saw that there was an option for a hairpiece that was attached 24/7, I knew I had to try it. I wanted to wake up with hair, and to be able to do various activities without worrying about my wig slipping. I ordered it, and was so excited that it felt like forever until it came. I got it just before our trip, and felt so carefree the entire time. It took a little while working with the hair stylist and with the hair piece to get the hang of styling and caring for it. The effort was worth it. I would give up a lot of things to keep paying for my hair. I feel younger, and people see me as younger. I can wear an updo for formal occasions, and I can have a pony tail on the weekends. I remember, just after I got the hairpiece, I woke up late and barely had time to get ready. It felt so good to actually have enough hair on my head to have a “bad hair day”! But that is not very often now, and I am thankful everyday that I can have thick, beautiful hair. Thank you, Rhonda and everybody at My Choice Hair, Pompano Beach. Your work really improves the lives of your clients."
- Arminta J
Pompano Beach, FL

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