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Causes of Hair Loss

Posted on Aug 13, 2018 at 4:59 PM

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss is often associated with the hair we see most often - our head. But, did you know that hair loss does not just occur on the scalp but can happen anywhere on the body?

Although not many people care if they lose hair on their arms or legs, losing hair on the scalp can lead to lowered confidence and self-esteem. Hair loss is a common thing for men and many of them do not seem to be bothered. Women, on the other hand, can also suffer from hair loss and it usually leads to emotional distress. Sadly, children can also suffer from hair loss, usually caused by genetics or medical treatments.

On average, each of us will lose around 100 hairs each day. This is not noticeable since hair is constantly regenerating. However, if the cycle of hair growth is disrupted, signs of hair loss will begin to show.

The most common causes of hair loss in adults and children are outlined below:

  • Hereditary causes – Your family’s history can tell you if you or your children will have issues with hair loss. The most common form of baldness is the male or female pattern baldness. It usually affects men, begins around the age of 20, and gradually continues, as they get older. For women, the baldness occurs because hair gets thinner as they get older.
  • Medical Treatment – The drugs used as a treatment for some medical issues can cause hair loss. Some of these include arthritis, cancer, depression, gout, heart issues, or high blood pressure. Hair loss occurs as a side effect of these drugs and there is no way around it although there are people that do not present signs of hair loss following treatment with such drugs.
  • Radiation – Some forms of cancer can be treated, or at least controlled, with radiation therapy. When the cancer is located near an area where we have hair, most probably the hair in that area will be lost. In most cases, the hair will not grow back and if it does, it will not grow as it used to before the treatment.
  • Hormonal and medical conditions – Many medical conditions can lead to hair loss, both permanent and temporary, and this includes childbirth, pregnancy, thyroid issues and menopause. Other medical conditions can cause hair loss such as alopecia areata which is described as patches of missing hair; another condition is called trichotillomania where the person pulls out their own hair.
  • Hairstyle – Some hairstyles can lead to hair loss; specifically, hairstyles that cause stress on the hair such as pigtails or braids can cause hair loss. This phenomenon is called traction alopecia and is a very common issue. Hot oil treatments can lead to inflammation of the follicles, which ultimately leads to hair loss. Dying hair is also the reason for hair loss because of the chemicals found in many hair dyes.
  • Stress – Going through a stressful event or having a stressful life, in general, is bad for hair. Stress doesn’t just make hair shed, it also makes it turn white at a younger age than normal. Although this is a very common issue, most people are not bothered by it as the hair will continue to grow back if the stress is relieved.

Whether your hair loss issues are caused by medical treatments or are a result of your genetics, My Choice Hair will work with you to make the right choices for your hair and help you feel confident in your appearance again. Contact us today!

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