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As much as 85% of all men will suffer some type of hair loss during their lifetime. Male pattern baldness as it is commonly referred to is often caused by genetics. The gene in question affects how strong your hair follicles are which are controlled by a hormone called DHT. Over time, the hair strands get smaller and thinner as it tries to grow back; eventually, the strand gets so weak and short that it fails to fully grow back. Men with this type of baldness could expect to show signs even in their early teens. In most cases, the sooner it begins; the scale of the hair loss will be larger.

Another type of hair loss is called Spot baldness or Alopecia Areata. This type of hair loss is described as round patches of missing hair, which sometimes grows back. Unlike male pattern baldness, an autoimmune disease causes this condition. Practically what happens is that your own body attacks itself by destroying its own hair.

Most people believe that their hair helps define their identity, shows their personality, and tells the world who they really are.

Most men prefer a non-surgical hair replacement solution to any form of hair loss. Not just because it is painless, but also because you have access to a wider variety of options. For example, Hairpieces and Toupees offer a huge variety of styles.

My Choice Hair Solutions can offer Hairpieces and Toupees, which can be worn a year at a time without taking it off. Furthermore, these products offer many solutions to everyday problems: sleep in it, shower in it, swim in it and even exercise in it. Your toupee or hairpiece can become an extension of you -- allowing you to continue living the life you are comfortable with, in hair that feels like you.

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