Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a great solution for partial baldness or thinning hair. Hair extensions are a semi-permanent solution that is natural and can be washed, styled, and cared for as part of your normal hair.

When to Choose Hair Extension

Hair extension can give the appearance of a full, healthy head of hair. For individuals experiencing thinning hair or partial balding, extensions can be a quick solution but the extensions need strong, healthy hair to bond to.

For women who are experiencing thinning of their hair, extensions can be a great way to give volume and length to your hair. Natural human hair extensions that clip in are flexible and can be worn even while swimming without causing any damage. Human hair extensions can also be styled like your natural hair which offers wearers flexibility.

There are a few options for hair extensions that will fit your needs and budget. Natural hair extensions are made from human hair and feel, move, and act just like your own hair. Clip in extensions are easy to place on the scalp, easy to remove, and are a flexible non-permanent option. Bonded or weaved hair extensions offer a more permanent option that requires little maintenance.

Your hair loss specialist will work with you to determine which type of hair extension works for your type of hair loss and follicle strength. Contact My Choice Hair to book an appointment with a hair loss specialist.

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