Our Hair Loss Process

Our Process

The process of losing hair often happens gradually and can be the result of a wide range of factors including illness, stressful life situations, or genetics. We often take our hair for granted, until we begin to notice signs of thinning. Hair is often seen as a reflection of our personality and an extension of ourselves that can aid us in telling the world exactly who we are. When we experience hair loss, it can be an emotional time where we feel a loss of identity.

My Choice Hair understands the feelings that individuals who are experiencing hair loss are going through. We aim to provide our customers with high quality replacement systems that match their lifestyle and unique needs.

Whether you are experiencing thinning hair due to aging or a life event that has caused stress or are in need of a full hair replacement due to chemotherapy or radiation, we will help match you with the right system.

Our first step in determining what product or replacement system would fit your needs is a consultation to help determine the cause of your hair loss. It is also helpful to understand what makes you feel like your best self when it comes to your hair and looks. Our stylists will help find the right type of hair and system to help you feel healthy and beautiful.

My Choice Hair - Hair Loss Process

How Our Process Helps:

We do not subscribe to a one size fits all treatment for hair loss solutions. Hair loss happens for a wide range of reasons and we are committed to applying the right restoration system for each customer’s unique needs.

We use high quality systems to give you a full head of healthy hair made especially for you.

We work with our customers to determine the right color, cut, and style for their lifestyle and preference. We want our customers to leave our salons feeling like their best self.

We take the time to get to know our customers and become part of your healing process.

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